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Premier Christian Radio Interviews

POWERFUL & HONEST STORY: Christians should stop being ashamed of going through therapy.4th July 2019 TALITHA was diagnosed with PTSD after experiencing sexual abuse in childhood, rape in adulthood and many other pressures. [Although she doesn't reveal who sexually abused her, Talitha would like to make it clear that it was not her parents.] Talitha explains the pain of going through treatment for PTSD as she battled with panic attacks and more... but at the end she felt free and even her taste buds had changed!

She shared her powerful story with Maria Rodrigues. Watch the full interview here:


Going for counselling doesn't signal lack of faith. Thursday 16th July 2020

Pastor, speaker and author TALITHA shared how years of baggage was dealt with through counselling sessions, explaining to Premier's Maria Rodrigues how sometimes it's necessary to have additional support alongside prayer when we are facing difficult situations. [Although she doesn't reveal who abused her, Talitha would like to make it clear that it was not her parents.]

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...there is a further back story of many tv & radio interviews with Revelation TV, God TV, Premier Radio, Cross Rhythms, Christian Magazines & secular publications...

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