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listening is a gift as are the dreams, visions & revelations I receive - please click through...


Perfect Halo is blessed by a collaboration of faithful Christian contributors that share a fluid-anchor & a flow that fans faith, hope & love through creative & inspirational daily posts.


WE WELCOME encouraging music, photography, art, prayers, poems, prophetic revelations, inspirational shares, testimonials, diet & nutrition, recipes, faith filled lifestyle & so much more! 

The name Perfect Halo is inspired by Revelation 4:3: His appearance was sparkling like crystal & glowing like a carnelian gemstone.

Surrounding the throne was a circle of green light, like an emerald rainbow. 


Revelation 4:3 note says to see Ezekiel 1:28:

All around him was a glowing halo, like a rainbow shining in the clouds on a rainy day.

This is what the glory of the Lord looked like to me.

When I saw it, I fell face down on the ground, & I heard someone’s voice speaking to me.

This was not a typical rainbow, for a rainbow has seven colours.

This was more like a halo of light, shining all around the throne!

It was a full circle, not a half-circle.

It could have been horizontally or vertically around the throne.

The Greek also allows for the translation “a rainbow made of emerald.”


Perfect Halo

No frills, no glitz. 

Simply plug in for a time to flourish. 


Trinity life, love & liberty!  

Abba, Jesus, Holy Spirit 

Blooming marvelous! 

Soul Space to be & become: 





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